Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Smokers At It Again

It is pretty well known that I despise smoking. It is also pretty well known that the actual "Skeeter" is a 75 pound (O.K., he's up to about 85 now, but we are working on it) German Shepherd dog.

Today, those two facts collided.

While out for our early morning work out, the actual Skeeter came across a cigarette lighter. It looked like something interesting, so he picked it up. Wrestling ensued. I won (twice actually, since after tossing it, he decided to fetch it), but that didn't really solve the problem.

The real problem is that smokers are pigs.

Could somebody please advise as to why smokers feel that they have the right to toss smoking related trash everywhere?

Hey smokers, CIGARETTE BUTTS ARE GARBAGE. TOSS GARBAGE IN THE TRASH. And although I am not violent by nature, if I see anyone tossing a lighter on the ground, I am reserving the right to shove that lighter right back where into the former owner, in any way that I see fit.

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