Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Election Day Predictions

50: Dolar wins. Stone’s time is done. [Stone won]

49: Moore holds. He is a bad guy, but people up there still view things his way. Too many Loyola liberals who think it is IMPORTANT that Chicago remain nuke free and that those poor geese are treated well. [Moore held]

43: Daley holds. Her opponent has not run a serious campaign. Daley has done a pretty good job and hasn’t given voters much of a reason to go another direction. [Daley held]

35: Colon loses. This one will be close, but Colom has the field operation. [Way off. Colon romped]

32: Matlack wins. He’s got too much money and too much backing this time. He’s Natarus four years ago. He should enjoy this term, since it will be his last. [Matlack lost]

21: Brookins holds. [Brookins held]

18: Lane holds. [Lane held]

16: Coleman loses. Her neighborhood has too many problems. They need a change. Another unresponsive alderman loses a seat. Another wake up call to the counsel: “WATCH OUT FOR YOUR NEIGHBHORHOOD.” [Coleman lost]

15: Foulkes wins. Throwing darts here. There has been no coverage of this race, As such, my thought is that the union money will carry Foulkes home. [Foulkes won]

3. Tillman loses. Her day has passed. A lot of people who should know better violated Chicago rule #1: “Don’t back no losers.” They should have seen this coming a long way away. [Tillman lost]

2: Haithcock holds. Fioretti is a genuine dingbat in the Natarus mold. Haithcock hasn’t done anything all that obnoxious so voters won’t be motivated to toss her out. [Haithcock lost]

[Record 7-4-1 (forgot to predict 24)]

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