Friday, March 14, 2008

Tony Peraica, Drugs, and the Cook County Clerk

I usually don't comment on the indescretions of family members of elected officials. In most cases, the matters are purely personal between the elected official and the family member.

Sometimes, however, the family indescretion becomes relevant and the recent DUI conviction of Tony Peraica's son is one of those times. What makes it relevant is that Tony Peraica (best known as the guy who can't lead a drunken mob in the right direction) likes to talk about all the payrollers and political hacks working for Cook County.

As it turns out, Tony Peraica's own son "somehow" got on the payroll of the Cook County Clerk. Further, it turns out that the son likes drugs. In a pre-sentence evaluation in his DUI case, Tony Peraica's son tested positive for marijuana and cocaine.

Let me confirm: Well AFTER he was caught DUI on the Kennedy Expressway, Tony Peraica's son continued to use drugs.

Although I can't say for sure, I highly doubt the pre-sentence evaluation was done on a weekend or an evening. As a result, it seems fair to assume that it was done during normal work hours when Tony Peraica's son should have been doing County work.

Where is the outrage from Tony Peraica? An employee of the County Clerk uses drugs, and yet we have yet to hear a single word from Tony Peraica.

Apparently, payrollers and political hacks and drug abusers on the payroll are only issues when they are not related to Tony Peraica.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

DCCC to Offer Enhanced Aid to Seals

Congressional Quarterly is reporting that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) has identified thirteen races in which Democratic congressional challengers will get "enhanced aid", in the term of fundraising and strategic assistance.
Dan Seals, who is again taking on Mark Kirk, has made the list. Dan is an A quality candidate who ran a great race against Kirk two years ago but didn't have much DCCC assistance. Hopefully the extra help from the DCCC will help Seals in what looks like another good Dem year.
Bill Foster was originally on the list, but no longer qualifies for the program since he is now an incumbent. Expect the DCCC to step up in some form to help him keep the seat.

Friday, March 7, 2008

A New Low at Illinois Review

Every time I read Illinois Review ( I think that they have hit a new low. Many of the posts are odd or paranoid, with allegations that somebody is out to get conservatives.

Today, however, George Kocan hit a low that will not be met for quite some time.

According to George -- backed by science, according to George -- women are unfit to hold leadership positions. He has a strange argument, which shows that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

With arguments like that, does the ILGOP wonder why it loses nearly every election?

For the full post, see the following:

One note, in fairness -- Fran Eaton posted a comment to the post, critical of George. She allows a ton of offensive stuff on that site, but I must give her credit that although she allowed the post in question to appear, it is clear that she did not endorse the views presented.