Friday, June 27, 2008

We are Different from China -- Really!

But we wouldn't be if Eunice Conn of Illinois Review had her way. According to Eunice, things would be far better if we could just hire kids to work at a sub-minimum wage.

Eunice is upset because the Department of Labor want to tell HER that she can't use kids a cheap labor. Eunice claims to have high moral motives -- taking the kids off the streets and all. I believe the Chinese and the Indonesians feel the same way. By putting kids in factories, they are keeping them off the street! How great for the kids!

America is civilized. We don't believe that children should work in dangerous condictions and we sure don't think we should pay children low wages and in doing so, take a job from adults. We think that $1 a day for labor is a bad idea, no matter what the market says. We have minimum standards of decency. That's part of the reason that the standard of living in America is far better than the living standards in China or Indonesia, which allow cheap child labor.

And we can keep it that way, as long as we can keep safe from people like Eunice Conn.

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