Thursday, February 28, 2008

Cook County Comm. Butler's Priorities: Jerry's Army

Skeeter is "represented" on the Cook County Board by Jerry "Iceman" Butler.
Comm. Butler has certain priorities.
Chief among those priorities is Comm. Butler.
Very low on his list of priorities is poor women.
Yesterday, Comm. Butler put those priorities in stark contrast. On a move to shift $1.1 million from commissioner staff costs to pay for mammograms for poor women, Comm. Butler chose to pay for his own staff.
Butler's move will give each commissioner, on average, $406,000.00 for staff.
His district does not share his views. We think that most of that $406,000 of OUR MONEY should be spent on Cook County residents, and not on building Jerry's Army.
We will remember this vote when it comes time for re-election.

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