Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Actually, It Is The Tax-Raising Little Twerps We Fear

On Monday September 24, 2007, Mayor Daley was at it again. In yet another attempt to distract attention from his long standing failure to do anything to fix the CTA, Mayor Daley lashed out at 42nd Ward residents. Playing the race card yet again, Mayor Daley stated "We are talking about 5-year old children. I am not talking about a 12-year old or 15 or 18 or 20." Speaking at Navy Pier, the Mayor explained "These are 5 year olds, not the ones you fear, I guess."

Interestingly, speaking that same day, Gery Chico, who Mayor Daley has selected to Chair the Park District Board, admitted that moving the Chicago Childrens Museum to Grant Park might require a tax increase.

Mayor Daley, residents of 42 are not afraid of dark-skinned youths. It is the little tax raising twerps that scare the heck out of us.

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