Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Republicans and the Filibuster

The GOP is at it again. For all the talk of the Republicans being the party of morality, they have once again flipped positions where they found it politically convenient.

This morning, United States Senate Republicans voted against cutting off debate on the war measure.

That's right: They voted to filibuster.

Not too long ago though, Senate Republicans Lindsey Graham (South Carolina), and Saxby Chambliss (Georgia - the draft evader who accused the triple amputee of lacking concern for America's security) publicly contemplated filing a lawsuit against the Senate in an attempt to force the Supreme Court to overrule the use of a filibuster to block a president’s judicial nominations.

Back in 2003: The filibuster was an illegal tactic.

Now? Bring it on.

With morality like that, there is no wonder that the Democrats took control in 2006. Leadership means something. It means upholding values. And these two Republicans sure don't have values.

Senator Chambliss will face the voters next year. Hopefully Georgia voters will elect an American with some courage and values then.

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