Monday, July 9, 2007

They Are Called "Gun NUTS" for a Reason

According to Rich Miller, the Illinois State Rifle Association has sent out an urgent notice to its membership claiming "Governor Blagojevich and State Senator Dan Kotowski are planning to ambush gun owners on July 9th by calling for a special legislative session on so-called 'gun violence.'"

According to the notice, the Special Legislation will be an attempt by Sen. Kotowski that will "result in the banning and forced confiscation of most of your guns." The notice concludes that Sen. Kotowski intends to "humiliate" every single Illinois gun owner and "strip" [fascinating word choice] everyone of their guns.

First, I am not clear on how taking away a person's guns will "humiliate" the person or "strip" them. I have often pondered the notion of how odd it is that gun owners tend to like handling long hard objects that emit blasts from one end. Apparently the ISRA feels the same way about guns.

Second, the urgent notice is interesting in light of the Virginia shooting. There,an insane person was able to obtain guns and go on a shooting spree. The urgent notice by the ISRA is equally insane. Of course the allegation of the notice is not true. The people who sent it out and anybody who believes it should be declared incompetent and their guns SHOULD be taken away. If they believe that sort of stuff, they are clearly incompetent.

Finally, this shows once again that the biggest problem facing Illinois gun owners is their own rifle association. Every time the association speaks, the gun owners lose support.

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