Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tru Chef To Drop By Every Two Weeks

Tru used to be one of the greatest restaurants anywhere. The food was creative and interesting and only the best seasonal ingredients were used and the food tasted great. Dinner for two would run $600.00, but it was money well spent. My wife and I often debated whether Tru was the best restaurant anywhere (until Alinea came along, I argued for Charlie Trotter's, and my wife and I both thought that our best meal ever was at the late Lucas Carton).
That was a long time ago.
Unfortunately, Chef Tramonto has other projects going on and it really shows. Walking by Tru recently, I looked over the menu. Very nice, but nearly identical to a meal I had there about three years ago. In "The Stew", the reason was revealed. Despite charging nearly $200 per person for a meal, Chef Tramonto simply has better things to do than to cook at his own restaurant. According to The Stew, Chef Tramonto stated:
"I am still going to be at Tru every other week. That has never really changed."
$200 per person and he's there every other week?
It is a shame. I remember what Chef Tramonto could do when he cared. That was a long time ago though.

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