Thursday, June 7, 2007

Dogs in Cafes Ordinance Moves Forward

Coming through on a campaign promise, Alderman Reilly has co-sponsored the ordinance allowing cafes to allow dogs (which would have the impact of giving official sanction to the current widely ignored ban). The State Legislature must act first though, to allow Chicago to pass the ordinance. Sens. Fritchey and Cullerton have introduced the allowing ordinance in Springfield. The City tabled Reilly's ordinance pending the State approval.

In the meantime, I note that the food at a certain dog friendly local cafe seems to have improved greatly this year. It is a great spot to wave to some friends while enjoying a meal. We had a nice meal this weekend (complete with a neighboring dog spending part of the meal on my lap -- the staff as usual was very nice to the dog). It was always a nice spot to have a drink, and now it seems that the food is living up to the views.

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