Monday, August 27, 2007

Another Racist Rant from Dennis Byrne

Today's Dennis Byrne column (I read it so you don't have to) contained more of his usual racist ranting. Today's featured these thought:

The door at my local Blockbuster video store is labeled "entrance." Right below, for Latinos who might be puzzled, appears the word "entrada." Over at the local Home Depot, the word "electrico" appears on a large overhead banner, in case any Spanish-speaking customer can't read the other word there: "electrical."This is insane. You mean to tell me that Latinos are too dense to figure out that this door is for going in? Or that Spanish-speakers are unable to make the intellectual leap between entrance and entrada, even though they share the same root?
Let me get this right. According to Dennis, Latinos cannot be told in their own language which door to use, but people who speak English are that dense [Byrne's word]. Was that his point?
Further, this was a door on a private business. That business, in order to make a sale, wants to work with people who speak languages other than English.
That upsets Byrne.
Want him to buy? Don't make things easy on the Latinos.
Ultimately. it is hard to find the harm in being polite. The signs in question are nothing more than that -- a attempt to work with everyone in order to get along.
That doesn't work for Byrne though. If people are getting along, Dennis is Mad As Hell.

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